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August 18, 2010

I recently stumbled across a new website for comparing rents.   If you have rentals you should definately check it out.   I typed in some of my property and it did a decent job of pulling back comparables that allowed me to see how my rental property compares to others around me.   I am adding it to my checklist of things that I must do to stay on top of my property management duties.

By not knowing what other property owners are charging for similar properties you have the opportunity to have low rents.   Low rents effect your ability to attract quality residents and quality residents attract other quality residents and before you know it everyone is happier.

 I will let you be the judge of whether or not your residents are quality, but if you want to see what others are doing in the neighborhood please take a look at

Dont forget that is you need to sell a property to give me a call.   I am a licensed realtor and CCIM.   I dont just list property but I buy for my own portfolio.  Call me at 512-782-8982 or email me at


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