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more good news for texas

December 24, 2009

Did you see the texaplex video?  

Do you know what it means for your real estate investments?   If not give me a call at 512-689-6742 and lets discuss how this video effects your current real estate and how you can use this information to enhance your investments.


Texas growth and what it means for your real estate investments

December 23, 2009 published and article about the growth that we have been experiencing here in Texas over the last couple of years.   Here is the link to it:
So what does it all mean?    Demand for Housing!   In an era of caution and conservative investing having assurance that there is demand for what your are providing sure helps the real estate investor take one of the risk factors that they should be evaluating off the table of “issues that effect my investment.”

Want to learn more about what should risk factors should I be looking at when I make a real estate investment?   Call me at 512-689-6742 and we can talk about it!f

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